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BrighamRAD  Diagnostic Radiology Teaching Files

CHORUS:Collaborative  Hypertext of Radiology

Gainesville  VAMC MRI Teaching Archives 

MRI  Centre Teaching Files

Penn  State Radiology Teaching Files  

University  of Iowa Virtual Hospital: Radiology

University  of North Carolina Radiology Teaching File  - Radiology teaching file

Univ.  of Washington Radiology Teaching Files - Radiology teaching files

Whole  Brain Atlas



An  Introduction to MRI Graham Wright, PhD - HTML introduction to MRI.

Berkeley,  College of Chemistry NMR Software site  Rudi Ninlist - ftp site for  NMR spectro software

Beth  Israel Deaconess Medical Center - Cardiac MR teaching files

Compilation of  Educational NMR Software  Peter Lundberg, Linkoping, Sweden - very  comprehensive

MRI  Artifact Gallery  C.D. Gregory

MRI  Tutor   J.R. Ballinger, Uof Florida.

NMR  Spectroscopy Concepts Scott Van Bramer, Widener University

NMR Spectroscopy  education page at UCSD

Stanford  On-line CME Courses

The  Basics of MRI Joseph P. Hornak, PhD, excellent

Univ  Hosp Penn/MRI Teaching Modules  - teaching software.





Magnetic  Resonance in Medicine

Journal of Magnetic Resonance Imaging Applied  Magnetic Resonance (Springer)

Concepts in Magnetic  Resonance (Wiley)

Journal of Magnetic Resonance  (Academic Press)

Magnetic  Resonance Imaging (Elsevier)

Magnetic  Resonance in Chemistry (Wiley)

MAGMA:  Magnetic Resonance Materials in Physics, Biology and Medicine (Elsevier)

Magnetic Resonance  Review (Gordon and Breach)

Solid  State Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (Elsevier)



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SMRT,  Section for Magnetic Resonance Technologists

ISMRM,  The British Chapter

ISMRM,  The German Chapter

European  Society of Magnetic Resonance in Medicine and Biology

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European  Chinese Society for Clinical Magnetic Resonance

Association  of Managers of Magnetic Resonance Laboratories

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American  Heart AssociationAmerican  Board of Radiology ACR

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  Society of Pediatric Neuroradiology (ASPNR) American  Society of Spine

Radiology  (ASSR) Atlantic Rim Network Home  PageBritish Institute of Radiology

Home  PageDeutsche Röntgengesellschaft

EAR,  European Association of Radiology


Royal  College of Radiologists

RSNA,  Radiological Society of North America

SNM Home  Page

SCVIR  Main Page

Société  Française de Radiologie




 German Departments



Aachen Klinik für Radiologische  Diagnostik

Berlin Radiologie  im UKBF

Berlin Institut für  Röntgendiagnostik der Charité

Bochum St.  Josef Hospital Radiologie

Düsseldorf  Institut  für diagnostische Radiologie - Düsseldorf home

Erlangen Institut  für Radiologie

Frankfurt Klinikum der Johann  Wolfgang Goethe - Universität ZRAD

Freiburg Homepage  Röntgendiagnostik

Göttingen Zentrum  Radiologie - allgemeine Informationen

Greifswald Zentrum  für Radiologie

Hamburg Neuroradiologie  im UKE

Hannover Abteilung  Neuroradiologie in der MHH

Heidelberg Deutsches  Krebsforschungszentrum Heidelberg Willkommen-Seite

Heidelberg Radiologische  Universitaetsklinik

Homburg Radiodiagnostik  Homburg

Innsbruck Universitätsklinik  für Radiodiagnostik Innsbruck

Köln Radiologische  Klinik Koeln-Merheim

Köln Institut  und Poliklinik für Diagnostische Radiologie

Köln Kinderkrankenhaus  der Stadt Koeln

Magdeburg Medizinische  Fakultät der Otto-von-Guericke Universität Magdeburg

Mainz Klinik  und Poliklinik für Radiologie

Marburg Abteilung  für Strahlendiagnostik - Radiologie

Mülheim Das Mülheimer  Radiologie Institut

München LMU Innenstadt Institut  für Radiologische Diagnostik

München TU Institut für  Röntgendiagnostik TUM

Münster Institut  für Klinische Radiologie, Uni Münster

Nürnberg Radiologie Medizinische  Fakultät der Friedrich-Alexander-Universität

Tübingen Radiologische  Klinik

Ulm Abt.  für Diagnostische Radiologie Uni Ulm. Willkommen!



Recommended Links


Atlas  of Brain Perfusion SPECT
Brigham & Women's Hospital, Harvard Medical School, Boston, Mass

Cardiac Images
(coronary angiography and interventional images, including
angiographic  MPEGs)
Cardiovascular Research Institute of Southern California

Clinical Nuclear Medicine:  Bone Imaging
Loyola University Medical Education Network (LUMEN), Chicago, Ill

Clinical  Teaching Files
Division of Nuclear Medicine, University of Kansas Medical Center

Department of Radiology, Nagasaki  University Hospital of Dentistry
Japanese and English versions

Frontiers in Bioscience:  A Tumor Atlas
(click the link to "TUMOR ATLAS" in the left frame)

Dr. Morimoto's Image  Library of Radiology
Osaka Medical College Medical Computation Center, Osaka, Japan

The  Human Brain: Dissections of the Real Brain
Virtual Hospital, Department of Anatomy and Cell Biology, University of Iowa

Internet Teaching  Resources
(chest and cardiac radiology, nuclear medicine, genitourinary radiology)
Department of Radiology, Madigan Army Medical Center, Ft. Lewis, Wash

Joint  Fluoroscopy: A Multimedia Textbook and Teaching Module on Anatomy
The Virtual Hospital, Department of Radiology, University of Iowa
Laparoscopic surgery

Mallinckrodt Institute of Radiology  Sample DICOM Images (FTP)
Washington University Medical Center, St. Louis, Missouri

MedConnect  Chest Radiology File
"Chest X-ray Pitfalls and Limitations"
(registration required)

Medical Images &  Movies
Health On the Net Foundation, Geneva, Switzerland

Medical Image Store
Laboratory for Advanced Computing Biomedical Visualization Laboratory, University  of Illinois at Chicago

MetaTextbook  of Pediatric Radiology
Virtual Children's Hospital, Department of Radiology, University of Iowa

MRI Image Map
University of Kentucky College of Medicine

Myocardial Perfusion Spot Studies
American Society of Nuclear Cardiology

NetMedicine Radiology Library
Obstetric Ultrasound:  A Comprehensive Guide
Paediapedia:  An Imaging Encyclopedia of Pediatric Disease
Virtual Hospital, University of Iowa

Pelvis  and Perineum: A Multimedia Textbook and Teaching Module
The Virtual Hospital, Department of Radiology, University of Iowa

PET Centre Image  Database
University of Melbourne, Australia (Gopher)

Radiological Image
(teaching files)

(teaching files and image database)
Institute of Radiology, University of Palermo, Italy

Slice of Life
University of Utah

Société Française de  Radiologie and Conseil des Enseignants en Radiologie de France
Image database and multimedia syllabi in French
(University of Rennes)

Teaching Files
MRI Centre, Bhatia General Hospital, Mumbai

Tutorials in Cardiothoracic  Radiology
South Bank University, London, England

UC Neuroradiology
University of Cincinnati College of Medicine

University  of Rennes



Rennes,  France

Urbana Atlas  of Pathology
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Virtual Hospital
Welcome to Physiological  Imaging)
University of Iowa

Vascular Anatomy
(motion pictures)
Harvard University



WebPath:  The Internet Pathology Laboratory for Medical Education
University of Utah

Wayne State  University Radiology Teaching File
Detroit, Mich


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